Salt Dough Ice-Creams

Salt Dough Ice-Cream

I love salt dough.

It’s so quick and easy to make and really versatile.

All you need is:

One cup of flour

Two cups of salt

One cup of water

You mix it altogether in a bowl, adding the water a little bit at a time as you might not need to use it all. When it starts to come together mix it with your hand until it forms into a ball. Then you can do anything you like with it!

To dry it you either leave it to air dry which can take a good few days or put it in the oven on a really low heat for a few hours. Be careful not to have the oven too high or they will bubble up. I had it on 50 degrees C.

With Summer coming up we decided to make some ice-creams.

We tied string around some to hang up…

Salt Dough Ice Creams

Salt Dough Ice-Creams

Then turned the others into necklaces…

alt Dough Ice-Cream Necklace

alt Dough Ice-Cream Necklace

I coated the ice-creams with Mod Podge to seal them before painting with acrylic paint then putting another layer of Mod Podge on.

I have heard Mod Podge is just watered down PVA glue so I think that would work just as well. I would also avoid using kid’s paint as it tends to be a bit watery and soaks in making the dough go a bit soggy.

We also made some salt-dough ice lollies which will be coming up later in the week.


    • Jessica Cherry says

      Oh you just reminded me I forgot to add that bit in! I used acrylic paint, and I used a layer of mod podge (watered down pva glue) to seal them before and after x

  1. says

    I have never made salt dough but these are so pretty. I’m a terrible control freak when it comes to craft, but my kids love it so it’s always good to find things they can make well without too much intervention on my part!

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