Christmas Crafts: Make Your Own Christmas Angels

by Jessica Amey

Our Christmas tree is being delivered today, something which I’m very excited about!

So this week we have been making lots of christmas decorations including our own christmas angels to put on top of the tree.

I found all the items we used in my local scrapstore, I also used the cardboard tubes to make these DIY Binoculars.

Obviously if you can’t find anything similar then you could just cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and use the top half¬†instead.

For the Christmas Angels you will need:

foam balls for the heads

tubes for the bodies

pipe cleaners for the wings and halo

paint / glitter / ribbon for decorating

Mod Podge / watered down PVA for sealing the glitter

permanent markers for drawing on the eyes and mouths

– A glue gun to stick the heads, wings and decorations on

christmas angels 4

We started by painting the body and heads, Cherry also covered her’s in glitter. I then sealed it with Mod Podge to stop it falling off.

I used my glue gun to stick the heads, halos and wings on.

Christmas Angels 3

Then drew on the eyes and mouths with a permanent marker.

DIY Make Your Own Christmas Angels

DIY Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels 2

Christmas Angels


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