DIY Temporary Christmas Tops

by Jessica Amey

Christmas jumpers have become huge over the last couple of years but sometimes buying a jumper just to wear for one day seems a bit extravagant so these DIY temporary Christmas tops make a good alternative.

You need:

Plain tops, any old t-shirt you have lying around will do.

Needle and Thread

Festive wrapping paper (the thicker the better)

Thread unpicker

I found my festive paper in Paperchase and it’s really thick which is a good thing as it will be more durable. The really cheap thin paper probably won’t work as it will just rip.

I cut some shapes out then just sewed it on. I used my sewing machine on the black one but it was a bit tricky and it turned out wonky as you can see in the photo below! I’m a newbie when it comes to sewing machines though so depending on your skill level you might be able to do a better job.

Temporary Xmas Top 4 Temporary Xmas Top 5

I just tacked the second one on by hand as I found it easier.

Temporary Xmas Top 3

Temporary Xmas Top 2

Temporary Xmas Top

temporary christmas tops save money on buying jumper when you can just use something you already own

Then when you’ve finished you just unpick the thread and you have a plain top again.

This would also work well if you wanted to put a number on a top to take photos for birthdays / parties etc.


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