How To Make Rainbow Unicorn Salt-Dough Ornaments

by Jessica Amey

We make salt-dough Christmas decorations every year now, it’s become one of our traditions, but it can be hard to think of new and exciting ways to make them look different. I think we managed it this year though! Cherry is obsessed with anything rainbow unicorn themed at the moment too so it worked out well!

When we looked for cookie cutters in our house the only ones we could find were unicorn shaped, there was a tiny gingerbread man too but that wouldn’t really work very well so unicorns it was. This was a good thing really as it led to us perfecting the unicorn. When I was making a hole in the top I also decided to make some holes going up the side of the mane so I could tie rainbow coloured yarn onto them once they were dry.

Here they are waiting to go in the oven…how to make rainbow unicorn salt-dough ornamentsThey are dried out here…

how to make rainbow unicorn salt-dough ornamentsSo the equipment you need is:
– A mixing bowl
– A rolling pin
– A unicorn cookie cutter
– Some beads / rolled up silver foil for eyes
– Baking tray lined with foil
– Something to make a hole
– Scissors
– Yarn
– Large plastic needle
– Measuring cup

For the salt-dough you need:
– 1 cup of salt
– 2 cups of plain flour
– 1 cup of water

– Pour the flour and salt into your mixing bowl. Then slowly add the water until it turns into a dough you can knead. You might need to adjust the flour / water until you have the right consistency. It needs to be quite dry but not too crumbly.

– Roll out the dough and cut into shapes, they need to be about 75mm thick.

– Stick in a bead or rolled up bit of silver foil for the eye. Plus anything else for the decorations.

– Make a hole in the top to hang and some holes down the side for the yarn to be tied into.

– Place on a baking tray and dry out at 100 degrees C for 2-3 hours, occasionally turning them over.

– When they have dried out completely, tie the yarn onto the top and sides to decorate.

We did some with chunky yarn…

how to make rainbow unicorn salt-dough ornamentsSome with thinner yarn…

how to make rainbow unicorn salt-dough ornamentsAnd some with no yarn…

how to make rainbow unicorn salt-dough ornamentsWe are really pleased with how they turned out..

how to make rainbow unicorn salt-dough ornaments

how to make rainbow unicorn salt-dough ornamentsI’ve also made a video tutorial for anyone who finds it easier to watch how to make them…

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