Ten Cardboard Crafts For Kids

by Jessica Amey

We love cardboard crafts! We seem to always have boxes lying around and I would much rather turn them into something the kids can play with then just throw them away.

Here are ten cardboard crafts for kids that I love.

10 cardboard crafts for kids

1 – I think this cardboard sewing machine by Little Red Window is absolutely brilliant, Cherry loves to copy me would love this and it really showcases just what you can do with an old cardboard box.

2 – This cardboard animal train by Mer Mag is made from old tea boxes, I adore the colours on it.

3 – This cardboard craft is one of my own, Cherry loves dressing up her dolls in the same way as her so I made these fairy wings for toys out of an old cereal box.

4 – This cardboard bed was created by Ambrosia Creative and is another brilliant idea. I actually bought a wooden dolls bed for Cherry last Christmas but she’s barely played with it and I wish I had done this instead as at least then it wouldn’t have cost me anything!

5 – I love this cardboard theatre by My Cakies and it looks like it would make the perfect rainy afternoon activity especially as you could play with it for hours after making it.

6 – This DIY winter animals playset by Mr Printables is adorable and comes with a free template so you can make your own too.

7 – This cardboard truck craft is another one of mine inspired by Tiger’s love of anything with wheels.

8 – I made this shoebox laptop when Maggy from Red Ted Art very kindly asked me to guest post on her blog.

9 – There are so many different types of cardboard doll’s houses you can make, I love the way this one slots together and the overall look of it. It can be found over at My Cakies.

10 – And lastly I made this cardboard hat out of an old cereal box last summer.

More cardboard crafts for kids…

These cardboard shape necklaces are great fun to make, kids can decorate them in with paint and glitter before wearing them.

These cardboard photo frames are wrapped with yarn and are really bright and colourful.

These cardboard clocks are a great way to teach kids to tell the time.

These Easter Egg glasses are fun to make at Easter.

If your kids are too young for a real glass mirror then why not make a no glass cardboard mirror?

This swimming pool for dolls has been made from an old cardboard box.

And how about making a giant doll’s house?

Or a dolly garland?

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