The Essential Tools For All Wannabe Crafters

by Jessica Amey

Are you interested in joining the crafting world? You’ve seen plenty of videos online or noticed amazing creations on websites like Etsy, and you want a piece of the action. Being able to make something out of nothing is a wonderful skill – and an extremely enjoyable hobby. You can pass the time making crafts, have fun with the kids, and let your creativity flow! 

How do you get started? Well, you need the right tools to be a crafter, so here are some essentials to get your hands on before jumping into things: 

A General Crafting Tool Kit

Find these online with a quick Google search and you’ll have a little kit full of some general tools to use across a variety of craft projects. If you want to buy your crafting kit individually, it should include all of the following: 

  • Proper craft scissors that can cut multiple materials 
  • A cutting mat to protect work surfaces
  • A metal ruler for measuring (and a measuring tape when the ruler isn’t enough)
  • Some type of adhesive for sticking things together (glue guns are often the best)
  • A precise craft-cutting knife
  • Craft tweezers for precision

These tools alone will give you pretty much everything you need to handle most craft tasks. You could easily embark on some simple first projects like making crepe paper flowers or homemade greeting cards. 

A Proper Sewing Kit

Sewing forms a big part of crafting and it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to be creative. As such, every crafter should have a sewing kit! This will include finding the right sewing machine for your ability level and needs too. Having a machine makes it easier to do a lot of crafts while adding a more professional touch to your projects. This is ideal if you want to start selling crafts online later down the line. 

Aside from the sewing machine, your kit needs to be composed of: 

  • Various sewing needles
  • Lots of different colored threads
  • Pins and pincushions to hold the fabric in place

You can buy the fabric separately depending on whatever project you’re working on. It’s better than getting lots of fabric and keeping it in your kit as it’ll only take up space. Decide what you want to sew before buying the most suitable fabrics. 

Some Key Accessories

You’re almost set up to deal with every craft under the sun when you’ve got a general crafting tool kit and a sewing kit. Don’t get ahead of yourself just yet – there are a few crucial accessories to add to things: 

  • Protective equipment for your hands, face, or eyes, depending on what craft projects you’re doing
  • Plenty of storage containers to keep your tools neat & tidy, ensuring nothing gets lost or mixed up
  • Some type of desk lamp to help you see better while you craft, especially if the lighting in your work area isn’t great

Keeping that in mind, you will now have all the essential tools and equipment to enjoy crafting. Start with a small project and gradually expand your skills while utilizing all of your tools to try bigger and better things!

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