Top 10 Essential oils brand in UK

by Jessica Amey

Have you ever thought about using essential oils but need to know what they are, how they are made, and what benefits they can provide? Here is a guide to give you an overview of the top 10 essential oils brands people love in the UK. Essential oils have been benefiting people since ancient times. People from Chinese and Egyptian cultures have been getting miraculous outcomes, whether they are suffering physically, spiritually or psychologically, providing an array of benefits. They are extracted from flowers, seeds, wood, leaves, peels and roots. Essential oils have properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antioxidants.

Every person doesn’t know the value of picking the right brand of essential oil, which doesn’t compromise on quality, organic, origin, purity or processing methods and gives you the best essential oils possible. You can also purchase their essential oils online.

It’s highly important to invest in a premium essential oils brand in order to unlock all of its potential. There are many online brands that have the best quality essential oils. We have compiled a list for you and made your job easier.

List of Essential Oils Brands

  1. Vedaoils essential oils
    Vedaoils is a leading essential oils brand in the UK. They have premium quality raw materials and essential oils in the market. Their products range from essential oils to floral water to natural butters and natural clays. They also provide customisation options for the choice of fragrance. Vedaoils is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality oils. They are constantly making new scents and oils in order to cater to the ongoing demands of the customers. Pre-assembled DIY kits are available on their website for soap, body butter, lip gloss and candles. Vedaoils, UK provides worldwide shipping.
  2. Nikura
    They have a wide range of scents available from earthy, floral, fruity to herbaceous. The oils have been created by the expert in-house team. They produce cruelty-free and 100% naturally sourced ingredients. Top picks of their customers are carrot seed essential oil, aniseed essential oil, black pepper essential oil, cedar wood essential oil, and bay laurel essential oil.
  3. Gya Labs Essential Oils
    Unlock the power of 100% natural essential oils Gya Labs essential oils online. They have access to raw material across the globe providing various types of scents, serums, rolls on, and massage oil. 
  4. Tisserand
    Aromatherapy ensures the well being of your mind and body. It helps in calming your body which leads to upliftment of your mood and a good night sleep.Tisserand believes in providing top notch quality products to their customers. 
  5. Ohsadi
    They get their ingredients directly from the harvesters. Their company sells over 500+ essential oils across 20 countries. Dr. Hotels crafts the highest quality of oils from his vast 25 years of experience as a naturalist and teacher.
  6. Norfolk
    They have a wide variety of essential oils online. They get their produce within the UK. They are constantly looking for different varieties of herbs to create new oils and cater to consumer demands.
  7. doTERRA Essential Oils
    doTERRA is an American essential oils brand operating in the UK. All of their oils are CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade quality. They sell oils in 15 ml bottles instead of 10 ml. Some of their top products are citrus bliss essential oil, cardamom essential oil, cilantro essential oil, fennel essential oil, and frankincense essential oil.
  8. Plant Guru
    Plant Guru’s goal is to provide essential oils that can be used on a day-to-day basis. They cater to a wide variety of customers, whether they are looking to relieve stress, anxiety, depression as well as blood circulation. Anything you need, they got your back. 
  9. Thrive Market
    They are the most inexpensive brand available in the market, that doesn’t mean they compromise with the quality of the product. They put emphasis on the quality and customer satisfaction which makes them a great competitor with the other brands. Their inexpensive essential oils range from organic cedarwood essential oil, clove essential oil, organic cinnamon leaf essential oil and many more. 
  10. Star Child
    Star Child is a widely popular essential oils brand in the UK. They don’t confide in organic products as they sell inorganic products as well. But their range is limited. You can use oils in your bath, massage and different blends of aromatherapy. 

Essential oils have been used for centuries to cure different kinds of problems. Whether related to psychological, spiritual or physical. Essential oils not only help relieve anxiety, stress, or depression but also give your home a signature scent. They are 100% organic products made from ethically sourced harvesting. As they are natural remedies, there would be less to no side effects. Consumers find pleasure in different uses of oils like aromatherapy, bath oil, or massage. Go to their website and choose from a wide range of oils according to your needs.

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