Easy Embroidery

Easy Embroidery 7

I just want to point out that I don’t know anything about proper embroidery, there are so many stitches and ways of doing things and eventually I want to learn more but for now this is just a very basic and easy way to create something without much effort. To start you need to draw… 

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Cardboard Crafts: Barbie Swimming Pool


Cherry is really into Barbies at the moment so I decided to make a Barbie sized swimming pool out of a cardboard box. I cut the top off then we used PVA glue to stick blue crepe paper in the middle and up the sides before adding a layer of blue and green glitter to make… 

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Foam Crafts: Glow In The Dark Star Mobile

DIY star mobile

Cherry always used to go to bed without any problems, she actually used to start asking to go to bed too early and we would have to try and keep her up. Then it all changed! Now after putting her to bed we have an endless list of reasons as to why she can’t go to… 

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Jewellery Crafts: Foam Shape Necklaces

foam triangle necklaces

After making our stick flowers the other day we had lots of small bits of foam lying around so I cut them into triangles until we decided what to do with them. As you can never go wrong with jewellery crafts (not in this house anyway!) we turned them into necklaces. I used my Glue Gun to stick… 

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Outdoor Crafts: Stick Flowers

stick flowers 2

I have another outdoor craft for you today, one that uses sticks. Following on from the stick flags and stick doll’s bed I made recently, it’s safe to say I am little bit obsessed with stick crafts! This time we made flowers out of them. I collected up some sticks out of our garden then… 

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Ice-Lolly Stick Play Mat


Over the last year we have had a huge toy clearout in our house. We’ve given bags and bags to the charity shop, Cherry loved getting involved and choosing to give away things that she didn’t want any longer.  I personally just don’t see the point in kids having too many toys, we had so many… 

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Jewellery Crafts: Foam Lockets

DIY foam lockets

We love jewellery crafts in our house, Cherry is really girly and loves wearing necklaces. We started making some lockets the other day out of card but then decided to use foam instead, you could use either though and the benefit of card is that they can be decorated. We started by cutting two shapes out… 

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