X-Cut Xpress Machine and 3 Die Cuts Giveaway

Xpress machine giveaway

 I have teamed with DoCrafts today to bring you a very exciting giveaway… An X-Cut Xpress Machine and 3 Die-Cuts!! I reviewed one a little while ago on my other blog Along Came Cherry. They are so much fun and you can do so much with them, the possibilities are endless. Here is some blurb about the… 

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Halloween Crafts: Scary Doll Bunting

Scary Doll Bunting 6

 This is my first post in the Halloween Crafts category of this blog and I think one of my favourite crafts so far. I decided to make some scary doll bunting and on the search for some inspiration I googled ‘scary doll faces’ – word of warning: NEVER DO THIS!! I came across some images that will haunt… 

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DIY Binoculars


We found these cardboard tubes in a scrapstore a few weeks ago and Cherry asked if I could make her some binoculars with them. DIY Binoculars… If you can’t find anything similar then you could cut the ends off two small plastic bottles and use those instead. We started by painting them with acrylic paint,… 

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Could Be Christmas Decorations

hanging decorations 4

Now I realise it is ridiculously early to be thinking about Christmas and these weren’t going to be festive in any way but when I was making them I thought that they would work well with little Xmas trees in so I made a few that could be Christmas decorations, hence the name. I recently discovered… 

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Cardboard Crafts: Lorries

cardboard crafts lorries

Tiger is obsessed with anything that has wheels which inspired me to make some lorries out of a cardboard box that we had lying around. Cardboard Crafts: Lorries: I started by making a template that looked like this. I used my craft knife and the pink lines show where I made little slits to make… 

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Easy Embroidery

Easy Embroidery 7

I just want to point out that I don’t know anything about proper embroidery, there are so many stitches and ways of doing things and eventually I want to learn more but for now this is just a very basic and easy way to create something without much effort. To start you need to draw… 

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Cardboard Crafts: Barbie Swimming Pool


Cherry is really into Barbies at the moment so I decided to make a Barbie sized swimming pool out of a cardboard box. I cut the top off then we used PVA glue to stick blue crepe paper in the middle and up the sides before adding a layer of blue and green glitter to make… 

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