DIY Flower Garden Made From Hama Beads

by Jessica Amey

When we go on walks through the woods we quite frequently make it into a game for Cherry and ask her to see how many different types of flowers she can spot. I let her use my phone to take a photo of them then when we get home we find the names for them on the internet. You can do the same thing with bugs too, it’s the only way to stop her from moaning about being bored!

This craft is a follow on step from that and lets kids put their new found flower knowledge into action by making their own flowers out of Hama Beads then making a flower garden by sticking them into some decorated foam.

You will need:
– Hama Beads / Melty Beads / Perler Beads
– Star shaped flower Hama Bead mats
– Polystyrene packaging foam OR Play Doh / Air drying clay / Fimo
– Green Tissue Paper
– Glue
– Cocktail sticks
– Glue Gun or Superglue

Start by making the flowers, we used the star shaped mat and you can fit quite a lot on, just make sure you leave a gap in-between so they don’t stick together when they melt.


This is the part where you can try and make the designs to look like the flowers you know, we made poppies, daisies and bluebells as well as roses, African violets and crocuses. There are a few others too, even if you haven’t been out and found any you can still search the colour of a flower on the internet and match it to a certain type.


Then you need to glue your green tissue paper onto your polystyrene packaging foam, we found these pieces in our local scrapstore so it might be worth checking your’s for something similar or failing that you can buy it online. You could even use air drying clay, Play Doh or Fimo instead.


Whilst that’s drying you need to glue your Hama Bead flowers onto your cocktail sticks. I snapped a bit off the top of mine as they were a bit long then I used my glue gun to make sure they were attached properly. You could use super glue instead.


Then you can the kids stick the flowers into the foam to make their flower gardens.


Cherry rearranged her’s about 20 times before deciding on this design…




They are really very pretty and so much fun to make!

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