4 Creative Ways to Re-Decorate Your Bedroom

by Jessica Amey

If you’re looking to update your bedroom decor, you might be looking for inspiration to create a brand new look for your sleeping quarters.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist and clean look, or a character-filled aesthetic, here are four creative ways to re-decorate your bedroom that will make a difference to your everyday life.

  1. Buy a New Bed
    One of the biggest and most effective ways to overhaul your bedroom is to buy a new bed, as this can help you to achieve a better night’s sleep.

    Companies like archerssleepcentre.co.uk has a variety of king size mattresses that cater to different needs. Sleeping on a king size mattress will give you the space you need to sleep comfortably without being limited on space.
  2. Change the Colour of Your Room
    Studies have shown that the colour of your bedroom can correspond directly with the quality of your sleep. For example, the Sleep Foundation found that people with blue bedrooms often sleep better than people with bedrooms painted in other colours.

    Whichever colour helps you to feel calm and relaxed, pick out some colour charts from your local hardware shop to find one that works for you and suits the decor you’re trying to create in your bedroom.
  1. Decide on Your Theme
    Some people love to have their belongings all around them, while others prefer a minimalist approach to their bedrooms.

    Whichever approach you choose, you might want to consider how your storage solutions and decor will be influenced in line with your preferences.

    For example, a more minimalist approach to decorating your bedroom might include creating plenty of hidden storage. However, if you have plenty of ornaments or photographs you want to have on display, you could build some shelves or cabinets to showcase them effectively.

    If you want to build shelves with a more creative design, you could use recycled scaffolding boards for a more rustic look, or for a more modern approach, create floating shelves by installing rods inside the shelves for extra stability. The choice is yours!
  2. Use Art for Atmosphere
    Whether you’re a fan of the classics like Monet or Van Gogh, or enjoy a more contemporary view of art, adding a framed addition to your bedroom can help to provide some character.

    You could purchase some high quality prints online, or even some original art if you wanted to be fanciful.

    However, if you fancy disguising your gadgets with some tasteful paintings, you can buy a Samsung Frame TV, which is cleverly designed to have a standby screen that resembles an art piece when it is not being used.

    Available in various sizes, the Frame is the perfect companion for a minimalist bedroom, and sits flush to the wall on a perfectly designed bracket to take up the least amount of space possible, which is perfect for smaller bedrooms.

Do you have any tips for redecorating or renovating your bedroom? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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