Upcycled Toy Car Christmas Ornaments

by Jessica Amey

I started making these a few weeks ago, well by that I mean I spray painted them then left them lying around for a few weeks until today when I finally got around to finishing them off. In that time I’ve seen similar crafts everywhere and I also saw a lady on Handmade Christmas (craft show in the UK) decorate a tree with spray painted pink trees but I’m going to post about these anyway because I love them!

To make these upcycled toy car ornaments you will need:

– Old toy cars (I found mine in a charity shop)
– Spray paint
– Yarn
– Glue gun
– Sprig of Christmas tree

I started by spray painting the cars, I did this outside with them on an old cardboard box. I coated them lightly so you could still see a bit of the original paint.

old-toy-carsOnce they had dried I put a blob of glue gun on the top then stuck a piece of yarn on.

how-to-make-toy-car-ornamentsI tied the Christmas tree sprig on top, you could glue them but by tying them you can remove it when it’s dead and re-use them next year.


Then I tied a knot in the top of the yarn.


And they are ready for hanging on your Christmas tree.





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