The EASIEST Halloween Ghost Crafts

by Jessica Amey

I always find that simple crafts do really well but for some reason I find coming up with easy ideas really hard, they don’t come to me very often but today you are in luck because this is the EASIEST craft ever, literally anyone can do it.

It’s a Halloween ghost craft and once you’ve made the ghosts you can do anything with them. I’m showing you how to make necklaces and bunting but the possibilities are endless.

You will need:
– Masking Tape (decorator’s / sticky tape)
– Black Yarn
– A Black Permanent Marker
– Scissors
– Greaseproof / Baking / Parchment Paper


Start by cutting a piece of the greaseproof paper and folding a strip of masking tape over one of the straight edges.


Then round off the corners.

NOTE – You will see I have criss-crossed the bottom in this photo but it’s actually easier to do this after you’ve folded it over the yarn so ignore that part for now.masking-tape-ghost-bunting

Draw the ghost’s face on using the black permanent marker. draw-on-ghost-face

Then peel one side of the tape up and place the yarn across the top before peeling the layer of baking paper away.

Carefully stick the two sides of tape together, it is a bit tricky to get them in exactly the same place which is why it’s easier to trim any overhanging tape away and THEN criss cross the bottom.stick-tape-over-yarn

At which point you have a ghost necklace. GHOST-NECKLACE

If you want to make the bunting then just continue adding more ghosts.


Cherry absolutely loved this so she kept on going until she had enough bunting to go around her bedroom!




So there we go, I told you it was simple!

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