When You Accidentally Make The Scariest Halloween Masks Ever!

by Jessica Amey

I was on Pinterest the other day when I spotted these crocheted Day of the Dead skulls and given our obsession with the theme at that theme at the moment I decided to give them a go.

I used thicker yarn than in the tutorial and by the time I had finished one I realised it was about the size of a face and decided to turn it into a ‘fun’ Halloween mask.

Only when we took them out yesterday for the kids to wear so I could take photos I realised they were quite literally the scariest Halloween masks ever!!

Not just scary but horror movie scary!!

So instead of making these for kids, they would be much better for adult fancy dress parties where there won’t be any young people to scare. But even if you have no intention of making them I had to share just to show you how sometimes craft ideas don’t go to plan and I can promise you the photos will make you laugh!

You can find the tutorial for these using the link above. I used a different colored yarn for the teeth and then double crocheted (SC for US readers) around the outside in the same color as the main skull area, this was the only thing I did differently. I used yarn that required a 7-8 crochet hook (I used a 7).

When I had finished the masks I tied some elastic onto either side of the skull, I only had white but I think black would look better. In regards to using a different color yarn for the mouth, I think this might be the thing that led to them being so scary so maybe just sticking to the original tutorial might make them less terrifying.

So here they are, it’s probably best you don’t look in the evening before going to bed, they might give you nightmares 😉

corchet-skeleton-masksscariest halloween masks

scariest halloween mask crochet








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