Hanging Zombie Painted Doll Heads

by Jessica Amey

Over the last few months we’ve been collecting up old dolls, we had a few that Cherry no longer played with then found a few more in charity shops and car boot sales. Our intention was always to pull their heads off and paint zombie faces on them, to be honest if Cherry had enjoyed playing with them then we probably would have let them remain intact but she’s never really been into dolls so she was more than happy with our plan!

You could of course leave the dolls heads on the body before painting but we wanted to pull them off and just use the heads. You can either make a bunting or turn them into individual ornaments.

You will need:
– Old dolls
– Paint and paintbrushes (thin ones)
– Yarn

So all we did was pull off the heads…


We coated the faces with a couple of layers of paint then left to dry before painting on the faces, we kept them pretty basic but you could add as much decoration as you like for a more Day of the Dead look.




I tied their hair onto the yarn to make the decorations. Then we hung them from the tree, they make the perfect Halloween decorations, We will probably put these on our Christmas tree too though!








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