Spooky Halloween Dress Up Masks For Dolls

by Jessica Amey


We’ve spent the day crafting today as our car is off the road, Mr C had to work and it was really grey and miserable outside. We decided to make some spooky Halloween dress up masks for Cherry’s dolls.

We made them in two ways, with masking tape for the dolls with smaller faces and foam for the ones with larger faces. Both methods are really simple and if you wanted then you could just use foam.

You will need:
– Scissors
– Masking Tape
– Greaseproof paper / Parchment paper
– Bright colored Sharpies
– String
– Sheet of white foamspooky-dress-up-for-dolls

For the masking tape masks you need to use a similar process to the one I used for my ghost bunting the other day. So you basically fold some masking tape over a piece of greaseproof paper then cut around it to make a skull shape.

Then you can draw on it with the permanent markers. We did some Day of the Dead themed and some just with spooky drawings on. Cherry was very insistent about wanting to copy from anywhere and do the drawings ‘from her mind’.


Before peeling the top part off, removing the paper and sticking them back together with a piece of string in the middle. You can do it first without using the paper but it’s harder to draw on them with the string in the way.


For the foam masks you just cut a skull shape, draw on it then make a hole on either side for the string to be attached.


Then you can just tie them onto the doll’s faces to give them their super spooky look.







Cherry was happy playing with them like this for a while, she pretended they were on their way to a Halloween ball but then she decided she wanted to make them some dresses out of paper and washi tape and spent the next THREE HOURS dressing them all. I wish I could spend that long on something!playing-with-spooky-dolls

She didn’t stop until she had given every single one a new outfit, here is three of them ready to party 😉




Hope you’ve enjoyed this craft, the kids are really into spooky things at the moment so it’s perfect timing with Halloween and Day of the Dead coming up. I’m not sure what we will do when it’s over!

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