Crochet Christmas Tree And Star Ornaments

by Jessica Amey

Ever since learning how to crochet nearly a year ago I have been obsessed. One of my favourite things to look at is crocheted items, the sight of them makes me feel instantly happy so I obviously had to crochet some ornaments for my Christmas tree this year.

I made some stars and Christmas tree shapes which initially I was going to display as a garland but then decided to turn into individual ornaments.

I used Bella Coco’s video tutorial for the stars and Christmas trees, she is my crochet guru and has taught me all I know. Her videos are so easy to follow and there are so many of them. You can find the star one here and the Christmas tree one here. She gives both the UK and US terms for crochet too which is helpful.

I went for bright colors as that’s kind of our theme for this year but you could stick to traditional ones if you wanted to or even go for something different like black and white.




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