4 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Appear More Luxurious

by Jessica Amey

Interest in interior design has risen due to the influence of social media combined and the increased time people spend working from home. As a result, the desire to create luxurious, stylish homes has never been stronger.

However, not everyone has the time or money to achieve a high-end look. Fortunately, you can completely transform your home with just a few simple styling tips. Whether you’re starting fresh with a new build or revitalising your current living space, here are five easy ways to make your home feel more luxurious.

Lighting is one of the most important approaches to setting the tone of a room. Overhead lighting is often unflattering and can sometimes cause eyestrain. Instead, opt for layered lighting in each room to create warmth and depth in addition to your main lighting.

Try to choose a mix of different light sources, including table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces. To enhance the ambience without sending your bills through the roof, consider adding LED strips under cabinets or behind furniture. These additions can help enhance the ambience, making your home feel much more inviting and expensive.

Incorporating different textures is an effective way to add depth to your existing décor. This doesn’t just mean adding a few fringed cushions here and there, though. Blending the rough with the smooth is an art, but thankfully interior designers have already done the hard work for us.

Start by introducing some chunky knit throws and plush area rugs to your rooms. Complement these cosy elements with sleek materials like glass or metal for a balanced aesthetic. Incorporate both matte and glazed ornaments to complete this look.

Textured wallpaper or wall panels can also add a touch of luxury, transforming plain walls into a feature. Or you could simply decorate your space with a variety of plants and flowers, ranging from oversized palms to glossy verdant leaves.

Mirrors are an interior designer’s secret weapon. They make spaces appear larger by reflecting light while also adding a decorative element. Position a large mirror opposite a window to maximise natural light, or create a focal point with a statement mirror in the entryway.

You could even go that step further and invest in a set of mirrors with decorative frames or interesting shapes and position them along your staircase wall.

Declutter and Edit
While not necessarily a tip for styling your home, you’d be surprised by the extent to which a tidy-up can revitalise the home. A clutter-free space is essential to make the space appear grander and ensures all attention is directed to your statement pieces.

Work through each room, one at a time, throwing away any items that fail to serve a purpose or add beauty. Storage solutions like woven baskets or ottomans can keep things organised while still maintaining that luxury appeal.

Display a few carefully chosen pieces such as artwork or a designer vase, rather than a clutter of smaller items that will likely gather dust.

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