Make Your Own Pom Pom Christmas Baubles

by Jessica Amey

This is a really quick and simple craft, although if making your own pom poms then it will take a tiny bit longer.

You will need:
– Fill your own bauble cases
– Pom pom (either ready made or handmade)
– Pom pom maker (if making your own)
– Yarn

For the ready made pom pom baubles you literally just put them in the case and tie the yarn through the hole at the top.


Then for the handmade pom pom baubles you need to make them using a little pom pom maker then do the same thing. The nice thing about making your own is that they can be any color you like.




See I told you it was simple! They really brighten up a tree and you can re-use them year after year with different things.

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