Spooky Skull Crochet Necklaces

by Jessica Amey

These spooky skull necklaces were so much fun to make. Obviously they are perfect for making at this time of year with Day of the Dead and Halloween coming up but I plan on making loads and using them for everything. To wear, to hang on our Christmas tree, to hang EVERYWHERE! I just love anything skull themed.

Cosywool are sponsoring this post and they sent me the yarn so I could see what I thought of their vacuum packing service. It means the yarn takes up a lot less space and as a result can fit through letterboxes. Such a clever idea! It looked like this when it arrived…


I went for Debbie Bliss Eco Baby because it’s organic and fairtrade but they sell lots of different yarns so do take a look if you have a project coming up, or if like me you are just addicted to buying yarn!

For these spooky crochet skull necklaces you will need:

– Crochet hook (I used 2.5mm)
– T-shirt yarn
– Buttons
– Yarn in different colours
– Large needle
– Toy filling

Round 1 – I started by making a magic circle then working 10 htr stitches into it before joining.

Round 2 – Work 1 htr in the top of one stitch then 2 htr in the next, continue this all the way around.

Round 3 – Work 2 htr in the top of each stitch from the previous round.

Round 4 – Work 1 htr, 1 htr then 2 htr all the way around.

To make the jaw you need to work 7-8 htr across then turn and work a dc stitch all the way back.

Repeat this twice so you have two pieces like this.


Using the large needle make the stitches for the face.


Then sew the two pieces together, leaving a gap of about 1.5 inches to stuff with toy filling before sewing up completely.


Thread some t-shirt yarn through the top, or whatever string / yarn you would like to use. Then you have your necklace!


You are then free to experiment, I made a smaller one by missing off a round and used a button for an eye as well as more colourful yarn on the others. You can add as much detail as you like to make them look like sugar skulls, or just stick with black for a more simple look.





Hope you’ve enjoyed this, don’t forget to use the hashtag #letsdosomethingcrafty so I can see what you’ve made.

Thank you to Cosywool for sponsoring this post!

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