4 Efficient Ways To Store Your Clothes At Home

by Jessica Amey

We’re all guilty of owning more clothes than we actually need but if you’re starting to run out of space in your wardrobe, it doesn’t have to mean throwing away your purchases. Clever storage ideas can stretch your closet space and still allow you to find your favourite items with ease.

From utilising unused space to creating DIY furniture, we explore some of the most effective ways to store your clothes at home.

Hang floating shelves
Hang floating shelves on your walls to place folded clothes, pairs of shoes, or accessories – the choice is entirely up to you. You can even add hooks onto the ends of these to hang scarves and hats. While relatively easy to set up, you’ll want to make sure the unit is secure to avoid anything becoming damaged.

If you’re someone who likes to have easy access to their belongings, this is the perfect solution for you.

Build under stairs storage
Bespoke and fitted furniture have long been a popular choice for maximising space and adding character to the home. Usually, these are found in bedrooms but you can also utilise the space under your stairs to provide some much-needed storage.

If, like most people, your staircase is located near your front door, clever under stairs storage is ideal for being able to quickly grab your outerwear as well as shoes and umbrellas. What’s even better is that under stairs storage is highly versatile and can be built to fit any space, regardless of how awkward it may be.

Fold your clothes properly
From stacking your clothes to stuffing them in your drawers, the way you store your clothing can take up more space than necessary. Instead, follow the steps of Maire Kondo by neatly folding your clothes and arranging them so that they stand vertically.

Not only does this take up less space but allows you to find the clothes you’re looking for much more easily. After the clothes have been folded, you can then use boxes or drawer dividers to ensure the items stay in place.

Utilise the space under the bed
When working with a small bedroom, you need to utilise all the available space. One of the best ways to store clothes, especially if you prefer to keep things hidden, is to conceal your clothes under your bed.

You can do so using under-the-bed bins, storage containers, or suitcases. Just make sure to neatly fold your clothes before packing them away so that they don’t become damaged. A useful tip is to store clothes that you rarely wear under the bed; for example, you can keep your jumpers and knitwear here during the summer months.

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