How To Make Reindeer Food: Great Christmas Activity For Kids

by Jessica Amey

Making reindeer food is probably one of Cherry’s all time favourite Christmas activities, in fact maybe just activity in general. It keeps her entertained for absolutely ages, as in hours! And once you’ve made it you can keep it for Christmas Eve when you can all go outside into the garden and sprinkle it on the floor ready for Santa’s Reindeer.

To make this reindeer food you will need:
– Oats
– Glitter
– Cake sprinkles
– Small clear bags


I laid the ingredients out for Cherry then she got to work adding them and very carefully mixing it all up, using a very small spoonful at a time.


We visited the cake aisle in our local supermarket and found all kinds of exciting cake sprinkles to add into the mix, we even found some chocolate carrots, lucky reindeer!how-to-make-reindeer-food

reindeer food - perfect kids Christmas activity

When Cherry had finally finished stirring it all up she started spooning it into little bags and I tied them up then added little tags.

It would make a great kid’s Christmas party activity or just a good way to keep the kids entertained on a cold afternoon.

It can also be added to a Christmas Eve box if you usually make them. I haven’t before but I know a lot of people make them up with a Xmas DVD, festive pyjamas, popcorn etc. I think it’s a really nice idea and am planning to do it this year.

make your own reindeer food

Here is a little video of us making it, oh and don’t forget not to feed it to any actual reindeer, it looks pretty but wouldn’t make very good animal feed!

I’m feeling really excited about Christmas now, I love the build up and doing all the crafting and activities in preparation, in fact I think I prefer it to the day itself! The kids are old enough to really understand it all now too which makes it even more fun.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

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