Top Tips for the Perfect Family Vacation

by Jessica Amey

If you have a growing family, you’ll know that planning a vacation together can be both a source of excitement and stress. Many children find travelling extremely boring and may become tired and irritable during the journey. Keeping them entertained and relaxed can be a challenge for any parent. In addition, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a suitable
family-friendly destination that will cater well for both children and adults.

Here are some of the best resorts for families in 2023 based on independent reviews. In this article, three different factors are considered for when you’re planning a family vacation. By adhering to each of these tips, you’ll be taking steps to ensure that the vacation is memorable for all the right reasons and is a family activity that you will look forward to year
after year.

  1. Consider the facilities
    A key consideration for any family holiday is the facilities that are offered by the resort to both the children and the adults. Kids will want to take part in a wide range of activities and sports. A good resort will have large play facilities, a children’s pool area and will have fully trained staff on site to help supervise the children as they play. Parents will want the reassurance that all activities will take place in a safe environment and with adequate supervision, especially if they’re planning to leave their children in the hands of the holiday rep staff while they enjoy a romantic meal or short trip together.

    Before you book your hotel or apartment, look for signs that the resort is family friendly. Do they have a kids club with trained staff? Are there suitable activities that will be enjoyed by your children?
  2. Pack refreshments
    Any long journey can be ruined when the children start crying or complaining that they’re bored. To help keep them occupied, buy some family-friendly snacks for the trip. This can be hugely beneficial if you need to fly to your vacation destination as you will avoid paying the often-expensive prices that airlines charge for their snacks and drinks.

    Some snacks will also help children deal with the changes in air pressure when the plane is taking off or landing and can help to reduce the likelihood of them suffering ear discomfort. For more inspiration on ideal family refreshments for your journey, see here.
  3. Think about your period
    As a final point, adults should consider the impact that having a period could have on the enjoyment of a family holiday. Sitting for hours on a flight when on your period could be uncomfortable and it could also take away some of the enjoyment that comes from being at the resort and taking part in activities such as swimming and sailing. There are two ways to avoid any problems that may develop from being on your period during a vacation. Firstly, you could try to book your vacation for when you’re outside that stage of your menstrual cycle. If this isn’t possible or practical, consider visiting websites such as to buy some tablets that can effectively postpone your period until you get back from your trip.

In short, the perfect family vacation is one that can be enjoyed to the fullest by adults and children alike and is free of distractions and problems.

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