4 Ways To Squeeze More Hours Out Of The Day

by Jessica Amey

Trying to find time to keep on top of all your tasks can be difficult when you’re running around after your children, and that’s even before you start trying to make time for yourself as well.

A busy lifestyle can leave you stressed and in dire need of some TLC, so, when you find ways to free up some time, you can devote this little extra to yourself.

If you’re looking to locate some extra hours in the day, then check out these four fantastic tips for better time management.

1) Plan Your Time
By planning out your days and sticking to your schedule as often as you can, you’ll find that you can fit it much more than you’d expect.

There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to keep all your daily tasks in one place. Remember the Milk is a great option for those who want to control over their organisational preferences and receive reminders.

When you manage your tasks in one place, you’ll be able to ensure you’re not wasting time.

2) Stick to a Routine
Having a routine that you can rely on will mean that you have a better idea of what is coming up on any given day.

While you can’t account for unforeseen events, stability is health. And by doing repeat chores and activities at the same time every day, you’ll start to see the patterns of your free time.

Once you have a better handle on your day, you’ll be able to devote these free moments to yourself.

3) Distance Learning
Furthering your education can do wonders for your self-confidence, and even aid in the progression of your career.

However, returning to university doesn’t suit all lifestyles, and the traditional campus might seem like an impossibility. Luckily, distance learning courses by Anglia Ruskin University are ideal for parents. You can set a study schedule that suits your individual needs and learning in your own time.

4) Ask for Help

We all need help every now and then, it’s nothing to be ashamed off, and a helping hand can lift some of the weight from your shoulders and free up some of your time.

This help can be external, such as calling in a gardener to keep on top of your plants, or even a cleaner to come in once a week and give your rooms a spruce up.

However, the help can also come from your children too. Give them age appropriate chores to do around the house. Not only will it be one less job for you to do, but it will help to give them a sense of responsibility, allowing them to grow into more capable adults.

Have you managed to find more hours in the day? Share your secret in the comments below!

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