Art For Kids: Cotton Wool Cloud Pictures

by Jessica Amey

Cotton Wool is one of those things that I always have in the house and today it came in useful for a whole new reason.

Cherry started asking questions about the clouds today, we are home educating and choosing to follow her lead when it comes to what we learn about so this prompted me to print off some information about the water cycle (I have a Twinkl membership which is full of helpful resources) and explain to her how it works.

Following that we made some cloud art pictures using cotton wool.

This is a bit different to the things I usually post, more of an activity really but I thought I would start sharing more of the little craft projects we do as they don’t take very¬†long and it means I can post more frequently.

To make these cotton wool art pictures you will need:
– Paper, we used blue so it could act as the sky and the sea
– PVA glue / Brushes
– Felt
– Cotton Wool

Tiger is about to turn 2 and has just started to enjoy taking part in things like this which is nice although he didn’t want to stick anything on his picture. I tried and he wasn’t happy at all so had to start a new one!


Cherry loves doing anything creative so she was in her element, the pink bits are boats and the cotton wool on top of the mountain is snow.




It’s a really simple activity but we all enjoyed it, it would be a great thing to do on a rainy day too when the sky is full of clouds.

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