Kids Art Projects: Embroidered Cork Mats

by Jessica Amey

Every time my kids draw something I look at it and wish there was a way I could save it so when I had a think about what I could do with a pack of cork mats I had lying around I came up with an idea to embroider them with some of their doodles.

You will need:
– Cork mats (I got mine from IKEA)
– Yarn
– Large needle
– Biro


I let Cherry loose with a pen to draw on the mats, she drew our family.


Then I went over the drawings with a large needle threaded with yarn.


I also threaded a loop through the top so I could hang them up.



You could use them as mats for drinks but I thought they would get ruined that way so this is better for keeping them in good condition.

You could also glue magnets on the back and put them on your fridge.

You could even paint them first, the possibilities are endless!


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