How To Make Play Money That Feels Real

by Jessica Amey

Want to make some play money that feels real? Then read on!

When I was a little girl I used to love playing shops with my sister and my two absolutely love playing it too. They hold hands and go around collecting shopping in their little baskets before coming to me to scan it. Then they ask how much and pretend to give me money. Well they did until I made this play money, now they count it all up and pay me for real.

We’ve had some of the plastic coins before but they didn’t look very exciting and all ended up lost so I wanted to make some that actually felt like real money.

I made a trip to a hardware store and found some of these metal washers in all different sizes and knew they would be perfect. They were really cheap too.

I also came across these paint color cards and thought they would be perfect for decorating them.

You will need:
– Metal washers
– Colored card
– Mod Podge / Watered Down PVA
– A Permanent Marker
– Glue Gun / Superglue

I have made a video tutorial at the bottom showing you exactly what I did but I basically cut around the size below to make a circle for the size above if that makes sense?!

For the smallest I drew around then just cut a bit extra off to make it smaller.


Each coin will need to cut out circles, one for each side.

how to make play money

I stuck one side on with Mod Podge and left to dry then stuck the other side on with a glue gun, you could also use superglue. My OH has just watched the video and couldn’t understand why I didn’t use either a glue gun for both sides or Mod Podge for both sides so I told him I would come back and share my reasons!

A glue gun on both sides would have mean the card being too raised as it’s such thick glue and Mod Podge on both sides wouldn’t have been strong enough to last very long. So this way the glue from the glue gun stuck to the other side of the card through the hole in the middle but the edges of the card were also stuck down with the Mod Podge!

Then I wrote the money value on with a permanent marker before sealing with another layer or Mod Podge.

play money that feels real

diy play moneyplay money

play money in till

play money that feels real

I need to make another batch now for all the smaller values like 1p / 2p etc.

Here is the video showing you how I did it, excuse my terrible roots and the messy background! I need a studio, and a trip to the hairdressers 😉

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