DIY Jewelry For Kids: The EASIEST Pipe Cleaner Rings

by Jessica Amey

Cherry is typically girly in that she loves jewelry and any kind of activity that involves making it.

These pipe cleaner rings are SO EASY to make, you don’t need to use any glue either so it’s mess-free.

It would make a super fun birthday party or sleepover activity too.

All you need is…
-Pipe cleaners
– Scissors
– Tissue paper
– Aluminium foil


To make the aluminium foil rings you just cut a piece of pipe cleaner long enough to go around a finger with a bit of excess, then you twist the two pieces together and fold the excess around the side to make a ring shape.

Then cut a piece of foil and bend it around the ring and shape it into a gem shape.

For the tissue paper rings you make a gem shape, twist the pipe cleaner around the bottom of it so it’s connected to the ring then hold it on the finger and bend it around to fit on.

And that’s it, they are so simple. Cherry moved on to making bracelets too, she made so many!









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