Word Games For Kids – DIY Board Game

by Jessica Amey

This bright and colourful DIY board game is a great way to teach kids how to read and write in a way that doesn’t feel like they are learning.

As we are home-educating I’m always trying to find fun ways to teach the basics as Cherry gets bored otherwise and she really loves this.

To make this DIY board game you will need:

– A piece of wood (I used one of the value wooden shelves that most large DIY stores stock these days)
Some small pieces of wood for the letters (I found these jointing biscuits in the wood section of my local hardware store)
Mod Podge
A Permanent Marker
Some Tissue Paper


I started by laying out the jointing biscuits in the places where I wanted the words to go and drew around them with a pencil.


I drew around a jointing biscuit on a piece of tissue paper folded over lots of times to make lots of tissue paper oval shapes to stick in the places. I stuck them on with Mod Podge then put a layer over the entire board to protect it.

Then I painted all the jointing biscuits. I used three colours and did the same amount in each so that three people could play, of course if there are more of less people then you can just share them out equally but I did it this way so each set had all the vowels.


When they were dry I used a permanent marker to write the letters on them. I mentioned above about each set having all the vowels, I then used the rest of the letters on the remaining jointing biscuits so not every set had the same letters.

I sealed them with a layer of Mod Podge afterwards too just to protect them.

And that’s it!

diy-word-game diy-letter-board-game how to make a diy board game

It was really easy to make and we’ve had lots of fun playing with it.

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