Making Necklaces With Hama Beads

by Jessica Amey

I’ve mentioned a few times about Cherry’s obsession with jewelry, every time we go in a shop she finds some that she wants me to buy for her but it’s always so overpriced and only ends up getting lost of broken so I don’t like buying it.

I much prefer to make it because it’s cheaper and a lot more fun. Yesterday we made some using Hama Beads and some yarn. They are so simple to make and she was very happy with the end result telling me that she was ‘never going to ask me to buy her any in the shops again’. Not sure quite how true that is but it might stop it for a little while!

To make necklaces with Perler Beads you will need:
– Hama / Perler / Melty Beads
– Mats
– Hama Bead Ironing Paper
– An Iron
– Yarn
– A large needle

I made an ice-cream and a tent design using a small circular mat and a hexagan mat. Cherry made a pizza and a rainbow using a small circular mat.


After ironing them (I did both sides) and leaving them under a heavy book to cool down (and stay flat) I used a really large needle to poke through two holes, one on each side where I wanted the yarn to go.


Then I threaded the yarn through the needle and pushed it through the two holes I had made before tying it at the top.






They were really easy to make and great fun too. Also great for those of you who don’t really like messy crafts.

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