Spooky Dangling Eyeballs Made From Hama Beads

by Jessica Amey

I know Halloween is still a month away but we’ve been enjoying making lots of spooky crafts lately and I have another one to share with you today.

They are super easy to make and there is no mess involved, that’s one of the reasons I love Hama Beads.

You will need:
– Circular Hama Bead mats
– Black, blue, green, brown and white Hama Beads
– The ironing paper and an iron
– Some yarn and a large needle

I made the eyeballs like this…hama-bead-eye-ball

Then ironed them on both sides before leaving them to cool under a heavy book so they wouldn’t bend.

When they were cool I threaded some yarn onto a large needle and pushed it through one of the holes at the top of the eyeball then repeated until they were all on the yarn before hanging it up.

As we are home educating I also try to combine some learning with the crafts we do so whilst making the eyeballs we talked about the pupil and the iris and the jobs they have. I also explained about how the pupil gets bigger in the dark, I showed Cherry this by holding my eyes shut for a few seconds then opening them with her watching. She found it really interesting to see them suddenly shrink again.

The eyes really are clever, even if they are a bit creepy 😉spooky-hama-bead-eyeball



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