Halloween Crafts: Spiderweb Window Decoration

by Jessica Amey

I started this project with a circle of my OH’s welding wire that has now become one of my craft essentials, you could also use an old wire coat hanger or even just some pipe cleaners. 

Halloween Crafts: Spiderweb Window Decoration…

I made a circle with one one part going down into the middle and back up again to make a loop…

yarn spider web

I then wrapped white yarn around the outside of the circle and middle part before tying yarn outwards from the middle to form the first part of the web.



I then tied yarn, in different colours, around the web. I made the spider using the lid of a plastic milk bottle. I covered it in black washi tape and used my glue gun to stick the pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes on.

I am just waiting for my suction cups to turn up and when they do I will use them to hold it on the window, at the moment I’m using sellotape which doesn’t look quite as good!


I’ve also taken some photos of it against a dark background so you can see it properly.



Halloween Window Decoration

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