Tips To Encourage Your Kids To Get Creative With Crafts This Holiday Season

by Jessica Amey

Parenting is not just about fulfilling the basic needs of your children. It is also about nurturing their creativity and intelligence, regardless of their inherent abilities. Not all kids are born the same, so you cannot expect them to be as creative and intelligent as another child. But you can do your bit to help them to find things they are good at and develop those skills. The holiday season is the best time to give them a chance to show their penchant for crafts. You can follow these easy tips to encourage them to get creative this holiday season.

Start by giving them the freedom to ideate
Creativity is about free thinking, but parents often restrict their kids to tried and tested ideas. This Christmas, give your child a chance to think beyond red and green and create crafts in the colors of their choice. Let them experiment with shapes, sizes, and forms so that they can get their brain in work mode. Give your children a healthy and positive environment with minimum micromanagement. But be there to help them to cut and paste when they need you.

Provide your kids with raw materials
Letting your children be at their creative best is also about providing them with all the raw materials they require for their projects. You can think outside the box and get more than the craft kits available in the market. Check some ideas online to reuse old stuff at home and pass them on to the young crafters. Who knows, they may transform the clutter into something
incredible and unimaginable!

Flaunt their artistic creations
Another subtle way to encourage your kid’s creativity is by flaunting their creations at home and on social media. Display them as wall art and as a part of the Christmas décor. You can even create pictures and videos of art in the making, and share them on Instagram and Facebook. You will probably need plenty of space in your phone, so it is a good idea to delete
system data on iPhone
to create enough storage. Showing your pride as a parent is the best way to motivate your children.

Avoid labeling and comparing
Labelling and comparing kids is the last thing you should do, even if you do it between siblings. Every child is creative in their way, so steer clear of measuring up their skills and abilities. Comparisons are even worse because they can kill productivity and cause negative feelings. You may even have to deal with sibling rivalry without realizing your mistake. Let your kids work in their style and pace, and avoid giving them the pressure of comparison at home and outside. Nurturing their confidence enables them to give their best.

Holidays are about being creative with crafts, and kids love the activity the most. Give them a chance to unleash their inner genius and take pride in it, regardless of their abilities. Every child deserves appreciation, and parents should go the extra mile to shower it on them.

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