Glasgow Quiz: Can You Answer These 5 Questions About Glasgow?

by Jessica Amey

Glasgow is one of the first cities that comes to mind when Scotland is discussed. But how many things do you actually know about the city?

Do you feel confident enough to test your knowledge about Glasgow? You will find five questions below. Can you answer all of them? A true Glasgow lover should know all of them, but it is never too late to explore and develop your love and admiration for this amazing city.

Question 1: What is the capital of Scotland?
Let’s start with the basics. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. However, Glasgow is the largest city of the country, and this is why there are a lot of people who get the answer to this simple question wrong. It is worth mentioning that Glasgow is also the third largest city in the United Kingdom.

Question 2: What UNESCO title has the city received?
Glasgow became one of the first cities in the UK to get the title of UNESCO City of Music. It received this title in August 2008 and it has managed to maintain it ever since. Music is a big creative industry in the city as there are many private and national music organisations, such as the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the
National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. Not to mention the numerous music halls and venues. You shouldn’t miss your chance of learning more about them if you find yourself in Glasgow. It is strongly recommended that you hire a car to take you from one venue to another. Hiring a car with Enjoy Travel guarantees that you will reach your destination safely without getting yourself or your fellow travellers in danger by driving while drinking or feeling tired.

Question 3: How is Glasgow’s underground known as?
Glasgow’s underground is known as ‘The Clockwork Orange’. The bright orange colour of the carriages led the press and other people to call it that way inspired by the titular book and film. It should be noted that locals do not use that nickname to refer to the underground system. Instead they usually call it ‘the tube’ or ‘the subway’.

Question 4: What Indian dish was invented in Glasgow?
Although the exact origins of the dish are questioned, many believe that chicken tikka masala was invented in Glasgow. It is said that a Bangladeshi chef added the masala sauce, which is a mild tomato cream-like sauce, to chicken tikka, which is an Indian dish made by boneless pieces of meat.

Question 5: Can you name some films or TV series that were shot in Glasgow?
A few popular films that were partially or fully shot in Glasgow are Cloud Atlas, World War Z, The Batman, 1917, Outlaw King and The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

Some TV series that used Glasgow as the location for some of their scenes are Outlander, Succession, Patrick Melrose and The Wife.

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