Crafting Outside: Four Fun Crafts To Do In The Sunshine

by Jessica Amey

Why do we craft, crafters? Well, the reasons are multifold and slightly different for all of us, but it seems a safe bet that we are all drawn to that little bit of Zen we can extract from our time getting lost in our art.

But there’s an under-discussed drawback that comes from getting lost in our creative pursuits — we wile away inside, all alone while the world whirls beyond our studio walls.

Perhaps that’s not the end of the world, but spring is on our doorstep so let’s get out there and be with the world for a spell! Because when the weather is nice, crafters, sometimes you just gotta pack up your craft tools and head for the great outdoors.

So let’s do a little brainstorming and craft a list of some super fun and creatively satisfying projects you can tackle amid the glories of Mother Nature.

Set Up Your Easel and Paint Outside
Act like you’re Vincent Van Gogh heading out into the French countryside to capture the landscape. Truly, there’s nothing quite like getting out in the world and documenting it on your canvas. Find an interesting scene — a beautiful tree, a rolling hill or even a car on blocks in someone’s backyard (because there’s beauty everywhere, should you choose to see it). Simply find something that intrigues you and render it in your personalized, artistic style. There’s hardly a better exercise to enliven the artist within.

Of course, no pressure to create masterpieces. The quicker you can abandon the need to make beautiful art, the quicker you’ll find yourself creating art from the very epicentre of your creative soul.

Get Messy with It
While we’re on the topic of famous artists, let’s add a little fun intensity by going with some irresistibly messy abstract art — Jackson Pollock style! Again, the goal is not to change the world with your artistic vision. We’re just trying to have some carefree, creative fun!

Now this joyfully sloppy endeavor is an especially fun activity to try if you have a gaggle of kids who need to burn some steam. But if you just want to have a little solo fun in the sun, no harm in that either!

So, what’ll you need? First off, you’ll need a big ol’ chunk of terrain where you can fling some paint around. You’re gonna need a big ol’ roll of art paper — this should do the job. And then you’re gonna need some paint tubes. You need anything else? Yep, a carefree spirit!

The paint can be flung from brushes or squirted directly from tubes. As long as it’s messy, you’re doing it right!

But you can get messy with all sorts of crafts. Maybe you want to break out your craft scissors and cutting mat and unleash your creative energy while snipping up some magazines for collage art. Whatever you’re making, your goal here should be to absolutely let loose!

Chalk Murals for Fences and Sidewalks
Sidewalk chalk is great when your kids need to get outside and burn some energy while the creative juices flow. But chalk art can consist of more than the frenzied doodles of kids all jacked up on lemonade. 

For this task, we ask that you truly try to create ART on a fence, the side of your house or shed, your driveway, wherever. We aren’t prescribing mere doodles here. We want you to duplicate a mural you love or a famous work of art. Craft something from your soul. But whatever it is, make it as good as you possibly can.

Why spend creative energy on something that’s not going to last beyond the next rainstorm? Well, that’s the whole point. We are creating so that we can fully inhabit the moment — and if you ask us, that should be the endpoint for every artistic endeavour. 

DIY Patio Screens 
One great thing about crafting, especially when you take it outside, is the opportunity it provides to connect with others. But let’s face it — sometimes you need a little extra privacy. 

So when you love your neighbors but could use a bonus bit of privacy on your patio or deck, it’s time to DIY some buffers — and we have just the thing that can satisfy your creative leanings while keeping those omnipresent neighbors out of your hair for a bit.

We are talking DIY patio screens. And we aren’t asking you to construct something that can stand the test of time. You’re just looking for an artsy little makeshift screen, something that can get through a patio season or two. So grab some spare wood, a hammer, some nails and screws and hop to it.

For a truly inviting bit of decor, set it up so you can grow ivy or hang potted plants between your borders. For a fine introduction to the world of plant walls, check out this thoroughly succulent piece from HappySprout.

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