Family Friendly Car Games

by Jessica Amey

Car journeys with kids can be pretty stressful. When they are young babies they can get quite distressed in the car and a screaming baby isn’t the easiest thing to listen to when you aren’t able to help them. I can remember a car journey back from a holiday when Tiger was about three months old, every time we stopped he was fine then as soon as we put him back in his car seat he would start screaming, it was a long journey home!!

Then as they get older it has new challenges, they go from screaming to constantly moaning. Cherry gets really bored in the car and will ask every five minutes when we are there which drives me mad. Then there are the toilet stops, of course no-one needs to go at the same time either!

Listening to music can help pass the time but then we have arguments as about who to listen to, something the kids don’t agree on!

So we find that playing games is the best way to pass the time and keep everyone happy.

Here are some of our favourites…

This one is an absolute classic and you can also use it as an opportunity to practice spelling by getting kids to spell out the words after guessing it.

This is our most played game as the kids love it. You can make the choices as gross as you like too, ‘would you rather eat poo or drink wee’, is guaranteed to go down well in our car. You can also tailor the question for the person so for Tiger we ask him something like, ‘would you rather give up Lego or your scooter’.

You can either make this easier by going for colours or harder by going for makes and models. Or combine both, for instance, the first one to spot a silver Peugeot is the winner.

Use this time as an opportunity for your kids to learn their times tables or ask them simple adding / subtracting sums.

First one to guess the name of the song is the winner. Make it harder by naming the artist or both.

These are some of the games we play and it definitely helps the journey go by more smoothly.

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