3 Ways To Make Cardboard Garlands For Kids

by Jessica Amey

These cardboard garlands are super fun and easy to make. Card is such a versatile craft material, you can do so much with it, we love it!

The first garland we made was an illustrated animal garland, Cherry loves drawing so she really enjoyed this one. We also drew a lion and stuck on lots of yarn for his mane.

diy cardboard garlands for kidsYou can either hang them from side to side or dangle them, or even tie them on separate pieces of string and hang them separately.

illustrated animal cardboard garlandsThe second cardboard garland is this smiley face one, kids can make them as self-portraits or to look like their friends / family. You could even make them to look like favourite characters out of movies.

Then the third garland was this neon animal one. I just let the kids be creative with this one and this is what they came up with, some rather strange looking creatures! These were made with animal print tissue paper which is a great material to work with.

I hope you enjoyed these three ideas, you could make anything you liked though really, the possibilities are endless. If you would like to see the full tutorial for these then it’s over on the Ryman blog as I collaborated with them on this project.

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