How To Make A Chevron Crochet Bag

by Jessica Amey

I’ve mentioned before that I use Bella Coco YouTube channel a lot for crochet patterns, I find her so easy to follow and love the things she makes so when I saw her upload a new chevron crochet tutorial the other day I gave it a go. I decided to make a bag with the chevron piece that it created so after following the video I made two single 25 stitch pieces then sewed them together with the right sides facing each other before turning it inside out.

Here is the video…

Then to make the strap I chain stitched a piece to the length I wanted it then worked a double stitch into each chain space. I did one row in each colour then turned the bag inside out again to sew it on. Again I used a large plastic needle.



The result is a super cute crocheted bag for either yourself or your children! Cherry loves it 🙂

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