Fake Taxidermy: How To Crochet A Foxes Head

by Jessica Amey

I really love fake taxidermy, there are so many fun options available these days but I especially love all the knitted and crocheted ones, no surprise there 😉

A lot of them look a bit complicated for me but when I was making a bag a few months ago I looked at it afterwards and realised it looked like a foxes head hence where the inspiration for this came from.

This is the tutorial I used for the bag, it’s by Bella Coco, I use so many of her tutorials as they are so easy to follow.

To make the fox I used all orange for the chevron piece.

I made the ears using cream yarn, I chain stitched how wide I wanted them to be then dc stitched back cross each row decreasing the stitches as and when to make it the shape I wanted. If you aren’t sure how to crochet a triangle then you can type it into YouTube and find tutorials. I then sewed them on using a large plastic embroidery needle.

I used black yarn for the nose and eyes and once I had finished the face I folded the chevron in half, right sides facing each other, then stitched around the outside leaving a space big enough to turn it the right way out.

After turning it the right way out I stuffed toy filling into the gap before stitching it all up.

The only thing I would do differently next time would be to make two separate chevron pieces instead of one longer one, where I folded it in half it took a bit of the width away so one side is a bit unequal to the other, not a huge deal though.



Once finished you can mount it on the wall, either by making a frame for it, buying a frame for it or sticking it on a hook.

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