Cake Toppers – How To Make Your Own For Any Occasion

by Jessica Amey

These cake toppers would be great for any occasion, you could make the paper any shape you like and even use letters to go on top of a birthday cake.

I love buying magazines but it always feels like a bit of a waste to just throw them away afterwards so I like to use them for craft projects after I’ve read them. It also helps to justify spending the money on them, they can be pretty expensive.

These make your own cake toppers (you could also use them on top of burgers too) were made using pages ripped out of old magazines.

I used a butterfly and heart shaped hole punch but you can obviously just draw shapes and cut them out with scissors. Once I have practised a bit more with my craft knife I will make some letters.

I looked through some old magazines and cut out any pages with patterns on then just cut two shapes out of each pattern and glued them on to either side of a cocktail stick.

cake toppers

cake toppers

These cake toppers are so simple to make and if you are having a themed party then it’s a great way of matching your food to your decorations.

You could even use paper that your kids have painted pictures on.

Or cover them in glitter.

handmade cake toppers

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