How To Make A Tutu – So Quick And Easy

by Jessica Amey

Everyone needs to know how to make a tutu as it’s so simple and kids love them, adults too for that matter!

Tutus can be used for dressing up, fancy dress parties, festivals or just everyday wear! You can also make tiny ones for your kid’s toys so they can have matching outfits.

You will need:
– Elastic
– A needle and thread
– Tulle

I found my tulle in a scrap store already cut into strips but you can buy rolls of it that aren’t very wide, perfect for tutus. You can also buy full width rolls and cut it up but that would be a lot more work. There are so many different colours available too.

I started by measuring the right length of elastic around Cherry’s waist then sewed the two ends together, if you didn’t have a needle and thread with you then you could always just tie it.

Then I tied the strips of tulle all around the outside. There are various ways you can tie it on, I just went for a double knot making sure it was loose enough for the knot to sit underneath the elastic so that when it’s being worn it’s not uncomfortable. Keep going until the tutu is as full as you want it to be then trim off any extra long bits from around the bottom.


I told you this how to make a tutu tutorial was easy!

Cherry wore it to a festival yesterday and had a great time twirling around in it.


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Depending on the age of your children they could give this a go themselves too, it’s good practice for learning how to tie knots and I think it’s really important to teach kids from a young age that they can make a lot of the things they want to buy in shops.

It would be a fun craft idea for a party too.

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