Pipe Cleaner Crafts – A Camping Play Scene For Toys

by Jessica Amey

We love pipe cleaner crafts, they come in such a range of colors and can be used for so many things.

This play scene is super easy to set up and if your kids enjoy imaginative play then it will keep them occupied for ages, Cherry was playing with this all afternoon.

You will need:
– Pipe Cleaners
– Felt
– A Stapler
– A Weaving (optional)

To make the sleeping bags I just stapled some felt together, you could sew it but this was quicker and easier.

felt sleeping bags for play

For the rugs in the teepees I used these weavings that Cherry made a little while ago. She did them using a cardboard loom like in this post and I thought after she made them how they would work well as rugs.


I made the teepees by twisting three pipe cleaners together at the top then folding over a little bit at the bottom to help them stand up.


Then I made a stool, BBQ and fire out of the pipe cleaners.




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