Super QUICK and EASY Hair Braids For Kids

by Jessica Amey

I’ve got a really easy craft for you today as I’ve been at a blog conference in London for the last two days and am absolutely exhausted!

As a child I used to love getting hair wraps when I was on holiday so I wanted to recreate something similar but without taking so much time, plus I have no idea how they actually do the proper hair wraps! These don’t look anywhere near as good but only take about a minute to put in and are great for young kids who don’t sit still for very long.

To make these DIY hair braids you will need:
– Yarn
– Scissors


So literally all you need to do is cut a really long piece of yarn, fold it in the middle then knot it at the top of the section of hair you want to braid so you have two equal pieces coming down with the hair.

Then separate the hair and yarn into three sections and plait as normal, one won’t have a piece of yarn but it doesn’t matter.

When you reach the bottom tie a short piece of yarn around the bottom to secure it then either cut the ends of or just leave them dangling down with the rest of the hair.






These would be a fun look for a festival or dressing up party. Or just something to fill the time on a boring afternoon, Cherry has loved having them in all day.

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