Yarn Art Tutorial

by Jessica Amey

I use yarn for all kinds of craft projects, in fact it’s one of my craft essentials.

Cherry’s Nanny showed me how she used to hole punch around the edge of old birthday cards for her kids to learn to sew with and Cherry loved it so it got me thinking about making some yarn art pictures.

I used this single hole punch and it comes with three different tips, the wide one makes a large hole so is perfect for young children.

You can make the design as simple of complex as you like depending on the age of the child threading it.

You could also use little designs on cards, for instance you could do little Christmas trees on the front of your Christmas cards.

Here are a couple of examples of ones I’ve made.

Yarn Art 2

Yarn Art 1

yarn art

And here is a video tutorial of how to make them…

When you take the piece of paper with the drawing off it will look like a big dotty mess but if you just do each small section then it will start to come together in no time. Just try not to daydream, a few times I had to undo some threading as I’d got carried away!

yarn art pinterest

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