DIY Hanging Wall Decorations

by Jessica Amey

We made these DIY wall decorations last weekend as Cherry was asking to do some painting.

I cut the shapes out of cardboard then let her loose with a paintbrush and a pot of glitter.

Cloudshearts rainbow

When the paint had dried I put a layer of Mod Podge on top so the glitter didn’t fall off then I used the glue gun to stick some yarn to the back before hanging them up. A really fun way to brighten up a room.

cloud hanging wall dec diy hanging wall decorations hanging painted hearts heart decoration Painted rainbow Wall Dec

hanging wall decorations pinterest

Cherry put these in her bedroom, I actually don’t mind her hanging her handmade creations around the house but I know some people who have a theme to their decor would rather keep kid’s artwork in certain areas. You can find a huge range of shabby chic and vintage furniture here is you are into that style. Our theme is totally random and doesn’t really have a theme so anything can be stuck anywhere!

‘Collaborative post’

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