Tips for Crafting an Unforgettable College Essay

by Jessica Amey

Writing essays is one of the basic educational requirements. Many students feel uncertain and don’t have confidence in their ability to create well written essays. Although anyone can write a professional college essay, not just academic writing services. Here are some simple and effective tips for writing an essay.

Do Some Planning

Instead of just starting, take some time to make notes on exactly what you want to include. This will help make sure that you don’t forget to include anything important.

Take time to read through the instructions so you know exactly what is required from you.

It’s also important to make note of:

  • number of words. This will affect how much detail you need to go into.
  • total amount of research required. Some subjects will need you to do a lot of research whereas others might not.

Clarify the Audience

Clarify to yourself who will read your essay. Whether your audience include experts in this topic or if it’s a report for your classmates. If you write for specialists, you will need to use more complicated terminology. If your research work is about a topic completely unknown to your readers, you will need to describe everything in details.

Clarify the Goal

Depending on the goal of your essay you’ll have to use different techniques. If your task is to convince readers of something, you’ll need to use facts to back up your argument and convince them of your viewpoint. But if your task is to make a comparative analysis you won’t need to be as persuasive but will need to show the information.

Think About the Style

Style of writing shows your attitude to the topic. It’s important to understand that the style of writing should correspond with the topic of the essay. If it’s scientific then you will need to reflect that in your writing, whereas if you are writing about your thoughts on something then you can show some emotion in your writing.

Make a Brief Plan

Even experienced writers always make plans to help guide them through the work. Try to follow the plan in order not to forget anything.

Compose A Stellar Thesis Statement

Really think about how to write your thesis statement as this will be everything your readers have to go on, the more to the point it is, the more they will understand what your essay is about.

Be Creative But Don’t Forget About Structure

After making the thesis statement think over the structure of your work. Every essay needs to have three parts: introduction, main body and conclusion.

Introduction must have some kind of “lure” in order to rise an interest of your readers. It may be a rhetorical question, scandalized statement, statistic facts or even a joke if it corresponds the topic of essay. Then write your statement. It must be brief and clear.

Write the main body to develop the statement. Try to be creative presenting the facts and your arguments. Always remember your main task is to carry your reader with your ideas.

Use Only the Most Reliable Sources

Make sure you use grammar in the right way.

Make Sure your Essay is 100 % Original

Always keep in mind that you are a unique person so your work must also be unique. Try to show your own thoughts and logic and your college essay will be unforgettable. There are online services available to help you. Last but not the least — allocate enough time for proofreading!

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