Crochet Headbands Using Tulip Stitch

by Jessica Amey

Crochet headbands have been on my list of things to make since I learnt how to crochet at the start of the year. I’ve only been working on granny squares up until now but once you know the few basic stitches then it’s easy to follow different tutorials therefore this project is great for beginners, they are really quick to make too.

In my last post on crochet I shared the video tutorials I used to learn how to make basic granny squares and this is another video from the same person, her name is Bella Coco and she is my crochet guru. She has so many video tutorials on her YouTube channel and they are so simple to follow.

This one is teaching how to do the flowers in a row / tulip stitch that I used to make these headbands. The video shows you how to make a blanket by repeating this section over and over again but to make a headband like this you just do one.

I measured around Cherry’s head to know long to make it and then added another couple of inches so that I could overlap them when sewing it together. There is quite a bit of stretch in the yarn so once you’ve finished and measured round the head to see where to sew it, opt for doing it a tiny bit tighter, the first one I did was a bit loose and kept falling off.

crochet headbands using tulip stitch

I used a large needle and some of the same yarn I made the headbands with to sew them together.

tulip stitch crochet headbands

I love the bright colours and wish I could get away with wearing them myself, maybe I can?!

how to make crochet headbands

It’s such a simple stitch once you know the basics and the end result is so pretty. They would make great gifts too.

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