Cheap, Quick and Easy To Make Upcyled DIY Abacus

by Jessica Amey

We recently made the decision to home educate Cherry and Tiger and as a result I’ve been trying to find ways to make learning fun because she isn’t the type of learner that can sit down and practice. It has to be a game of some kind.

Yesterday I made a DIY abacus out of an old cardboard box. I love upcycling materials for craft projects and this was so cheap and easy to make.

To make this DIY Abacus you will need:
– A small / medium sized cardboard box
– Yarn
– Hama / Perler Beads
– A glue gun or some strong glue

cardboard box

I started by measuring the cardboard box, then worked out how many lines of beads I could fit on, I thought I’d marked out ten but I somehow ended up with eleven!

I was going to use my craft knife to make the holes but couldn’t find it so used my nail file instead.

cardboard box upcycle to abacus

Then I threaded some yarn up through the hole and added ten beads, I used Hama / Perler Beads and alternated the colours so they were easier to see.

beads on box abacus

When I had threaded yarn through all the holes I tied them at the back and used my glue gun to secure the knots. I also glued them around the holes just to stop them sagging.

diy abacus

diy abacus 2

Then I used my glue gun to close the box resulting in this DIY Abacus.

cheap, easy, upcycled diy abacus

It’s not only great for maths and numbers but also a way of teaching colours to younger children, especially if you use as many as I have!

abacus box

playing with diy abacus


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