The Benefits of Arts And Crafts for Toddlers

by Jessica Amey

Kids can really benefit from daily creative activities, they don’t have to be messy, or involve a lot of effort. Even just doing some drawing together or creating something out of old junk can get their creativity flowing. Art and crafts can help children express themselves and there is nothing better than a picture your child has drawn, it can be hard to ever get rid of them!

Here are some of the benefits..

1. Helps children to express themselves

Children can sometimes be a bit shy and have trouble expressing themselves. For this reason, it is good to encourage your kids to participate in arts and crafts projects as this will allow them to have a platform to communicate. It can let you in on how they are feeling, you might be able to pick up on issues that they aren’t able to verbalise and as a result you can help find solutions.

2. Improves the kid’s creativity 

Children have such great imaginations, and are always looking for new ways to bring it to life. On STAR WALK KIDS, they have lots of useful articles about how certain products can help with your child’s creativity. You can find which is the best easel, even which is the best Play Doh set. I’m not a huge fan of the stuff personally, unless it’s used outdoors, but it definitely helps with their creativity as they can create whatever is in their mind.

Moreover, your kid can also use silicone mold to create different fun objects. This will not only boost creativity, but will also ramp up their education and interest in learning new things, especially in the field of arts and crafts. Hence, if you think an art activity with silicone mold can help stir up your child’s imaginations, then consider buying a ready-made silicone mold from a store or make your own. You can check out some resource websites online to give you an idea on how to make a silicone mold from scratch.

3. Improve the child’s visual processing 

Art and crafts involve the visual aspect of the body. This is how teachers know if your kid is colour blind or has trouble with some shapes and numbers. Painting can help your child learn colours, especially by mixing different ones together. Potato stamping is a really fun activity and can help your child learn different shapes.

4. Improves your kid’s self-esteem 

Everybody feels a sense of pride whenever they accomplish something and there is nothing more satisfying that finishing a painting or drawing. You can give your child lots of praise, especially if they struggle with expressing themselves artistically. Putting their drawings on the fridge or another area in the house will show how much you love their artwork.

5. Increase motor skills 

Motor skills are the small movements you learn at an early age, and you improve them over the years. They include the ability to hold a pen, to scribble, to hold a spoon and feed themselves, learning these skills helps to improve their motor skills. Art and crafts involve the use of their hands to draw, scribble, and paint which improves the motor skills of your child. As they get a bit older you can introduce slightly more difficult activities like threading beads onto string or using Hama Beads to make fun designs.

Arts and crafts are fun for everyone, no matter what there age. There really is something for everyone, learning to knit or crochet at a young age can mean that by the time you are a teenager you could start making things to sell, even start your own business.

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