Ten Colourful Crafts For Kids

by Jessica Amey

I can’t believe Let’s Do Something Crafty is going to be turning one in a couple of weeks.

This is actually my second blog, my main one Along Came Cherry has been running for four years but I wanted somewhere to focus on just crafts and although it’s hard work running both I’m glad I made the decision to separate the two. I have an illustrator working on a new header at the moment which should be live in a couple of weeks so that’s exciting and I thought I would take a little look back at my first year of creations and out together a little round-up.

Here are ten of my colourful crafts for kids…

Ten Colourful Crafts For Kids

This Egg Box Camera was one of the first things I made and it’s also one of my favourites. I’m always taking photos with mine so the kids love to copy me.

The salt dough ice-creams were great fun to make. I wanted to do something different with it as I’d only used it for making Christmas decorations in the past.

I made these Shell People with shells that we’d collected on the beach the summer before.

This yarn jewellery was made to keep my jewellery obsessed daughter happy and try to stop the demands for me to buy her the overpriced necklaces they sell in the supermarket. It worked, for a while at least 😉

My OH thought and still thinks this stick bed is ridiculous but I disagree! As something to play with outside on a summer’s afternoon it works well!

I like crafting with nature and these rock flowers really brighten up a windowsill, and as an added bonus they don’t wilt and die.

These foam lockets were fun to make and as I mentioned before my little girl is obsessed with jewellery so she was happy!

I made this Barbie swimming pool out of a cardboard box.

And these DIY Binoculars were made using items we found in our local scrapstore.

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