DIY Garland For Kids Made With Cardboard Dollies

by Jessica Amey

This DIY garland is a great craft for kids, Cherry had great fun decorating the dolls.

You will need:
– Cardboard
– Yarn
– Paint
– Felt Tips
– Tissue Paper
– Strong glue / Glue gun
– PVA Glue

diy garland for kids

We received a parcel last week that was covered in lots of corrugated cardboard and I wanted to do something with it as I try to use anything that would be thrown away for crafts.

I love bunting and Cherry loves dolls so I thought I would combine the two.

I cut out the shapes then Cherry painted them and glued the hearts on.

crafts for kids

crafts for kids

I drew on some eyes and glued a piece of wool on for the smile, depending on the age of you child they could do this themselves.

I made the hair by cutting lots of strips of wool and tying them together. Then I glued them onto the doll with my glue gun before tying the yarn into pigtails.

make your own dolly garland

We cut the hearts out of tissue paper and they reacted with the glue and leaked a bit so I would maybe suggest using thicker paper for decorating, unless you don’t mind the tie-dye look!

There are so many ways you could decorate the dolls, I would love to stick some pretty material on for their dresses or cover them in felt but Cherry took great enjoyment in painting these ones.

crafts for kids 

 When the dolls were dry I used my glue gun to attach them to a piece of yarn, this turned it into a garland and then it was ready to hang up.

More cardboard crafts for kids…

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Or a dolly garland?

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